WhatsApp will Take Legal Action against Bulk Message Senders

WhatsApp messaging platform announced on its website that from December 7, 2019, will take legal action against those involved or assisting others in violating their terms of service. He explained that his service was created to send private messages to friends and loved ones, while for business dynamics there is WhatsApp Business. “Our products are not intended for mass or automated messages, which have always been a violation of our terms,” ​​he said.

The company has the ability to identify and eliminate accounts that abuse the platform. This time he decided to go further by announcing possible lawsuits against companies for which he has evidence of misuse.

Among the undo actions are the attempts to evade the machine learning (automatic learning) systems of WhatsApp, spam mailings and the non-personal use of the platform. He also assured that he will take as evidence of infringement public announcements from companies that have admitted using the service irregularly.

This means that the company could take action against firms that use the classic version of the application and not WhatsApp Business.

“Nothing in this announcement limits the right of WhatsApp to enforce its terms through the use of technology, such as banning accounts based on machine learning classifiers, which we will continue to do,” he concludes.

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