Spotify Releases New Library Design For Premium Users

Spotify was updated for its premium users, who can now access music and podcasts from a single screen, and to do so they just have to swipe left or right to switch between tabs.

According to the statement issued by Spotify, the company has introduced a new design in its latest update for premium users that allows them to switch between music and podcasts by sliding or clicking the corresponding tab. In addition, new sections are included within each section for greater organization of content.

In this way, in order to give more control to the experience of listening to podcasts and discovering new content, podcasts will now be divided into three sections: episodes, downloads and ‘shows’. In the first, both the podcasts that are being listened to and the new episodes that are released appear.

In the second section, downloaded contents appear that can also be heard when you do not have access to the internet. And in the third one, you can control the ones that are followed and explore the previous episodes, keeping in mind that the higher up on the list the podcast is, the sooner your new episode will be available.

In the music section, Spotify has tried to make the content accessible quickly, and now the songs are divided into the three new tabs of playlists, artists and albums.

In the first case, the lists created and followed appear, incorporating a new function that allows storing in a list the songs that have been given to me, which can be downloaded for offline listening. The tabs of artists and albums remain the same, with access to the singers and records that are followed, respectively.

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