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The prominence that smartphones are representing in the lives of millions of Colombians can be seen in a single piece of information it is estimated that, on average, a Colombian person plays 2,617 times the screen of his smartphone every day.

The previous one, and other figures are the ones that Deloitte recently published in its most recent report on mobile consumption in Colombia.

Part of the most striking results is how much Colombians use their cell phone. 76% of respondents acknowledged that the use given to this device is “too much”. 16% said they do not consider the use to be so significant, while 7% do not know.

On the other hand, 60% of Colombians surveyed think that their partner uses their mobile phone too much and, 27%, thinks they don’t. 13% say they don’t know.

“There are multiple symptoms of excessive use of smartphones. Among those who report excessive use of their phone, a common theme is a distraction 36% of respondents in Colombia are distracted with their mobile phone when they are talking with friends and family, having less face-to-face communication.

Mobile phones of all kinds have long shown their ability to distract what can be dangerous under certain circumstances (for example, walking, driving and crossing the streets), “is part of the conclusions reached by Deloitte with these results.

These statements are reinforced by the fact that 7% of Colombians consulted acknowledged that they have used their smartphones while crossing the street, 22% do so while walking, 33% while spending time with their family or that 39 % while you are working.

According to the firm, 58% of respondents said they regularly use their cell phones to watch short videos, live publications or stories. 48% said they usually use their device to play, while 39% frequently use their phone to watch videos shared on instant messaging networks such as WhatsApp.

Among the actions that Colombians perform less frequently on their devices, it is worth listening to radio (18%), betting (17%) and obtaining health information (13%). Another use that stood out for its popularity in Colombians has to do with the review of social networks. 57% of respondents do it regularly.

Among the communication channels preferred by Colombians, social networks stand out. When communicating with another person, social networks are the favorite resource, 69% use them, while 64% and 57% use instant messaging and voice calls, respectively.

The least used routes are video calls (28%), photo or video messaging -MMS- (20%) and group video calls (18%). According to the survey results, Whatsapp is the queen of applications in Colombia. 75% of Colombians use it every day.

Facebook ranks second, with 61%, and Instagram the third, with 55%. Thus, the empire of Mark Zuckerberg stands out for its prominence in Colombia. The applications less prominent in their daily use are Skype (17%), IMessage (14%) and dating applications (9%).

In terms of services, Netflix is the one that commands the stop with 48% of Colombians accessing it through smartphones. Spotify and cloud storage follow with 27% and 19%, respectively.

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