Huawei Teams up with Automakers to Launch Self-Driving Cars

In the midst of the US veto against Huawei technology company announced that it expects to launch autonomous cars by 2021. Huawei started implementing its own Artificial Intelligence technologies in its smartphones since 2017. This time it will use the same advances for the development of cars that do not require human drivers.

Companies like Audi, Toyota, Beijing New Energy Automobile and Changan Automobile are behind the design, while Huawei will contribute with the software. Dang Wenchuan, head of Huawei’s global strategy, revealed that the company already has a functional prototype: an Audi vehicle that, apparently, is driving alone and is in the testing stage in Shanghai.

“During these tests, which the research and development team carries out in real and uncontrolled situations, there is a seated human passenger who does not need to drive the vehicle since it autonomously drives obeying the traffic signs, and avoiding to pedestrians, “the company explained in a statement. Huawei said that the first markets that will have these units will be those of Europe and China.

In addition to the announcement related to the vehicles, the CEO of the Huawei consumer division, Richard Yu, informed the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post that it is completing the creation of a new operating system of its own: the HongMeng OS, whose biggest challenge lies in its compatibility with Android applications.

According to the newspaper, the company is working on a system that allows a Huawei phone to download and run Android applications without problems with its own system. If successful, mobile application developers would not have to develop additional code for the new HongMeng OS.

This system would be able to recreate an “ecosystem” available in a wide range of devices (mobile phones, computers, televisions and vehicles, among others), in addition to operating with Android applications, said Yu.

In the past, both Microsoft and Samsung tried unsuccessfully to build an alternative operating system to Android compatible with its applications.

For now, the Chinese technology has already put into circulation one million phones with the new integrated operating system for testing, local newspaper China Daily said today . According to this information, the software is programmed to be compatible with all Android applications and “has increased the security functions to protect personal data”.

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