Facebook Announces to Launch New Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook and 27 other organizations formally announced the creation of a new cryptocurrency, Libra, which can be used both for transactions between individuals and for purchases in establishments and will be integrated into WhatsApp and Messenger from 2020.

The cryptocurrency is the culmination of a one-year effort to design an easy way for Facebook users to send and receive money through their messaging services. It will not depend directly on Mark Zuckerberg’s company but will be managed by a consortium of companies grouped under the Libra Association based in Geneva (Switzerland).

The instant messaging software for companies Slack took off last Thursday in the Stock Exchange of New York in its opening stock market, where it closed the session with a rise of 49.54% and selling each one of its titles for 38.70 dollars.

With the closing price, the company achieved a market capitalization of the US $ 19,500 million, above what analysts had expected and through an unusual mechanism: direct quotation. Slack reaches the markets ten years after its founding in 2009 turned into a “unicorn”, that is, a company valued at the US $ 1,000 million before going public.

Last Thursday, Apple recalled some laptops from the 15-inch version of the older MacBook Pro sold between September 2015 and February 2017 because a “battery could overheat and pose a security risk.”

The company asked customers to stop using the computers while replacing the batteries of these models without charge. The recall notice is the second of the company this year. In April, Apple removed some wall outlet adapters for international use that could create a risk of electric shock.

Huawei started implementing its own Artificial Intelligence technologies in its smartphones since 2017. This time it will use the same advances for the development of cars that do not require human drivers.

Dang Wenshuan, head of Huawei’s global strategy, revealed that the company already has a functional prototype: an Audi vehicle that, apparently, is driving alone and is in the testing stage in Shanghai. Huawei said that the first markets that will have these units will be those of Europe and China.

Instagram is launching two new security measures to recover a hacked account consisting of an identity check with a six-digit code from the application itself and to ensure that people do not lose their usernames.

The social network confirmed that it is testing a new security method to facilitate the recovery of hacked accounts. Before to recover an account it was necessary to fill in a form or be notified by email, but the new initiative proposes an internal solution in the app.

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