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An increasing number of men have passed away due to the deadly COVID-19, the sickness brought about by the novel coronavirus, over the world in comparison to women. However, in Canada, it is not the same. As indicated by the most recent information from the Public Health Agency of Canada, more ladies have been determined to have COVID-19 than men, and more ladies have passed away subsequently. As of May 15, 55% of affirmed cases of COVID-19 are women, and 45% are men. Out of the total number of deaths, 53% are ladies and 47% are men.

The regions with the most elevated number of cases resulting in deaths — Ontario and Quebec — likewise have starker holes between men and women, as per day by day commonplace epidemiologic synopses. In Ontario, right now around 57% of women are infected, while the percent of men are 42. Essentially, in Quebec, near 60% of affirmed COVID-19 cases are women and around 54% of deaths are women as well. This sort of information stands apart from different nations who track coronavirus cases, as by far most have had a larger number of men than ladies died due to COVID-19 since the development of the infection, as indicated by Global Health 50/50, an association out of the UCL Center for Gender and Global Health in London, England.

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