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Aliens certainly exist and they could as of now be here on Earth, as indicated by the principal British space traveler in space. Helen Sharman explained there was no two ways regarding extraterrestrial life yet they could be made out of completely various components to the existence that we know exists around us. Moreover, they may be on Earth without us knowing, she explained.

Speaking the Observer Magazine, Dr. Helen Sharman stated: Aliens exist, there’s no ifs and or buts. There are so a large number of stars out there known to mankind that there must be a wide range of various types of life. She included that in spite of the fact that they may not be comprised of carbon and nitrogen like people, it’s conceivable they’re here this moment and we essentially can’t see them. In the interview, she featured how she is regularly alluded to as the main British lady in space, as opposed to just the primary Briton.

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