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Yusaku Maezawa’s, Japanese billionaire looks for a life companion to go along with him on a journey to the moon which will be the subject of another narrative program, in the most recent eye catching trick by the entrepreneur. Maezawa, who sold his online design retailer Zozo Inc. to the Softbank Group Corp, is looking for single females matured more than 20 for the show that will be appearing on AbemaTV. Maezawa wrote on his site for all the applicants that as sentiments of dejection and vacancy gradually start to flood upon him, there’s one thing that he considers: proceeding to adore a life companion. He continued that with his future companion he wants to shout out their affections and world harmony from external space.

Maezawa is the first ever private traveller to the moon in 2023 along with SpaceX by Elon Musk. Maezawa, who has lately broken up with an on-screen character Ayame Goriki, has said that he intends to take craftsmen on the trip to rouse works dependent on the experience, in a venture he named Dear Moon. The narrative, titled “Full Moon Lovers”, will be on AbemaTV, which is supported by telecaster TV Asahi and online advertisement organization CyberAgent. The site also stated that the person should be keen on going into space and is ready to be somebody who wants for world harmony. The narrative is the most recent prominent move by the billionaire, who is additionally parting with $9 million to his Twitter supporters to attempt to start banter in Japan about the benefits of the possibility of fundamental pay.

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