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Environmental groups claim that number of 361 elephants died in Sri Lanka during in 2019. It is most noteworthy figure of death of elephant to be accounted for since Sri Lanka got free in 1948, conservationists explained. Most were slaughtered by individuals. There are around 7,500 wild elephants in Sri Lanka. Executing them is unlawful, yet the creatures frequently collide with rural networks. Elephants are venerated in Sri Lanka yet a few ranchers see them as irritations. Sajeewa Chamikara, a hippie from the Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform, that some 85% of elephant death a year ago may have been brought about by human action.

He said networks had utilized electric wall, toxic substance and explosives disguised as bait to get the animals killed. In September, authorities said they presumed seven elephants discovered dead in a hold were harmed by neighborhood inhabitants for wrecking crops. As per reports the development of towns and ranches in Sri Lanka has added to diminishing supplies of food and water for the animals. Authorities have vowed to work to determine the contention by putting wall between elephant territories and country networks. In any case, Mr Chamikara explained the administration anticipated to accomplish more to improve the nature of secured regions, for example, handling the issue of obtrusive plants which develop over fields that feed the elephants.

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