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Rafael Morente is the son of a medical analyst and a mother nurse. He opted to become an electronic engineer, and then to give courses in various subjects, such as prevention of occupational hazards and renewable energy.

Rafael Morente is the manager of Tharsis Technology, a spin off born at the University of Huelva and today he designs from mechanical systems and 3D structures to scientific instrumentation focused on particle accelerators.

Not surprisingly, among the goals of the company, “which we hope to see fulfilled in the medium term”, is getting projects at CERN (European nuclear research organization) in Switzerland.

In addition, the company is directly involved in the construction of a particle accelerator in the University of Huelva itself, “a subject that is somewhat stopped by the crisis, but we hope to be able to resume it very soon,” says Berjillos.

Rafael lists several examples of what the work of this technology firm is when, to synthesize what Tharsis Technology is dedicated to, it releases a word born in the company itself Produce.

As the entrepreneur explains, the term refers to the fact that a company “offers its productive, technological and intellectual capacity to design and provide services not as a physical product, but as a design or an idea.

From here, we will try to get products adaptable to detector sets and applicable to other uses. We want to make products that, in a maximum percentage, are reusable. ” With this business model, the company has managed to place its technology in two projects developed in France.

“For the GANIL Grand Ion National Accelerator, a laboratory for experiments in nuclear physics built near Caen. And we have also signed a contract in Orsay, where the company has set up a silicon detector telescope, ”he explains.

At Orsay, Tharsis Technology has worked in collaboration with the Matter Structure group of the University of Huelva. “It was a project to study what kind of particles are produced in certain reactions.”

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