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Rafael lists several examples of what the work of this technology firm is when, to synthesize what Tharsis Technology is dedicated to, it releases a word born in the company itself productization. As the entrepreneur explains.

The term refers to the fact that a company “offers its productive, technological and intellectual capacity to design and provide services not as a physical product, but as a design or an idea. From here, we will try to get products adaptable to detector sets and applicable to other uses. We want to make products that, in a maximum percentage, are reusable ”.

With this business model, the company has managed to place its technology in two projects developed in France. “For the Grand National Accelerator of IANs of GANIL, a laboratory for experiments in nuclear physics built near Caen. And we have also signed a contract in Orsay.

Where the company has set up a silicon detector telescope, ”he explains. At Orsay, Tharsis Technology has worked in collaboration with the Matter Structure group of the University of Huelva. “It was a project to study what kind of particles are produced in certain reactions.”

The manufacturer of computer equipment Sun Microsystems has reached an agreement today to buy the data storage services company Storage Technology for 4.1 billion dollars.

The purchase agreement states that Sun will pay $ 37 for each share of Storage Technology, that is, 18 percent more than the price of Wednesday’s closing of the titles of this company.

Both companies explained today that the purchase will result higher revenues for Sun after 12 months of completion of the operation With this purchase, Sun seeks to increase its presence in the market for data storage equipment and systems for large corporate clients.

This, in the midst of the decline that has registered its market share in the segment of computer servers. In this way Sun seeks new business opportunities in a type of services in which IBM, EMC and Dell companies already compete strongly.

Sun is currently the fifth largest participant in the data storage with 6.2% market share. On the morning of today, Storage Technology shares rose $ 5.29 or 17% to $ 36.52, while Sun shares lost $ 0.09 or 2% to $ 3.81.

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