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I have known Platzi since he was born and I have been a subscriber several years ago, so I wanted to share my opinion about his careers and courses.

In the most precise and impartial way possible, and taking into account that I am also a user of other online education platforms.

Then they created the platform and at the beginning, they had many problems with it (software errors reflected on their website) and with the teaching methodology (teachers with little experience, even without.

They had a time where they taught to develop mobile applications and did not even have their own mobile application developed.

Its founders thought that they would live by only teaching what they considered relevant and time showed them that they were wrong, that if they wanted to grow they should teach what the public and companies requested (PHP case and English classes).

All these events caused the entrepreneurship to win detractors, who judged the platform more for their mistakes than for their own successes (typical of Latin culture).

There were those who claimed that what the platform taught was already free on other websites (this is still true in part, Platzi’s advantage is that it shortens learning time by having everything available in one place).

Over time, listening to its users and with enough hours of work, Platzi managed to have a great evolution.

Before seeing what you stand out and what you can improve, and for those who do not yet know the platform, let’s review the most relevant data quickly.

At the beginning the courses were recorded live and were too extensive, most students complained and had to change the methodology; Now they are no longer recorded live and have improved their duration.

Improving every day is something that has always characterized Platzi and it is something that he still continues to do (just like companies as large as Apple, which are still improving their products and / or services).

Just like any other online education platform, it presents some points that favor it and others not so much.

This was a tweet launched by one of its founders referring to Next U, one of its main competitors.

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