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Carlos Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, 1990 was asked to cut his hair and he refused. His curls gave him the appearance of Rudd Gullit, that half-Dutch tip who kept winning students in the Milan of the nineties. Peña shone in the youth and talent scout tournaments that discovered Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Angel González, convinced him to try on Pachuca. From that moment on, he began to work a career in football that was worth it to be placed as the tentative signing of Borussia Dortmund and even the PSG.

On Thursday night, Peña experienced a murky episode in his career. He was stopped by police from the state of Guanajuato after trying to flee after crashing his car, a black Mini Cooper, against another. The agents managed to retain him and noticed an alcoholic breath, that led him to spend a bad night at the Poniente Police Center. The Mexican Gullit had to carry out the tests with the breathalyzer, in which he recorded 75 degrees of alcoholism, five less than 80 that prove a drunken state, according to the information of journalist Julio Saucedo of ESPN Digital.

Peña paid his bail of 3,500 pesos ($ 162) and left the police station. This Friday he showed up to train with his teammates to prepare the game that Leon will play against Necaxa as if nothing had happened.

“I was going to leave primary school and had to cut my hair. The teacher says ‘ Gullit now you are going to have to cut your hair because you are going to receive the elementary papers’. “I can’t, teacher because I’m going to a national [tournament] in Guadalajara and they know me by Gullit and by the hair,” Marcelino Peña, the soccer player’s father, told Televisa in 2014. From that moment on He has stopped showing off his frizzy hair.

Young Peña traveled 735 kilometers to become a place in football. With 20 years he played his first game in the first division with the Pachuca shirt , one of the clubs that has become a kind of La Masia in Mexico in the last 10 years. In his first season he wore a promising performance, but the following year he was a substitute in the team, he even played a few minutes in the Club World Cup in 2010.

The lack of minutes led Gullit to agree to play in the second division with Club León, an institution that failed to achieve promotion for 10 years. But Peña and the emerald team had a full season to return to first. From 2011 to 2016 he lived his best time after being part of an effective trident along with his countrymen Luis Montes and José Juan Vázquez. That earned the Guanajuato team win two leagues. That good level allowed him to wear the shirt of his team and be part of the squad that played the World Cup in Brazil. Carlos Peña played only eleven minutes against Croatia .

At the end of 2015 one of the most popular teams in Mexico, the Chivas, opened the wallet and signed him for eight million dollars, one of the most expensive transfers in the Guadalajara team. At the time of his farewell to Leon, the corpulent midfielder cried inconsolably. “I never thought about going out, really. I want to always be here, but this decision belongs to others, not mine, ”Peña said at the time .

But in his first months with Chivas , Carlos Peña was involved in scandals outside the court. In a preseason he was caught at night in the prestigious Coco Bongo nightclub on the beach in Cancun. Last September, in the Mexican press it was published that the soccer player arrived in “inconvenient state” to a training. The president of the rojiblanco team, Jorge Vergara, came to his defense and assured that it was a stomach problem.

Peña did not settle in Guadalajara. In a year he failed to establish himself in Matías Almeyda’s team, no matter how confident he was. The Argentine coach placed him in the ideal position behind the center forward, scored eight goals, but a pair of failed penalties, especially one in the quarterfinals against America , unleashed the fans’ disagreement.

On December 7 the Lion made official the return of the Gullit under the legend “bestial return”. In his first game he played 69 minutes in the 2-4 defeat against the team he debuted, Pachuca. He carried his traditional number, 27. Now after his car incident, which left no injured, he got on the bus without giving any statement to the media. Peña wants to return to its origins.

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