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Kingston Technology Company, Inc. won the PC World 2008 award during the gala held by PC World Latin America every year to reward the most innovative products in the industry. This year the recognition was for the 8GB Data Traveler HyperX, the winning product in the category “best storage device”.

“It is an honor for Kingston to have been selected as the best product in a category that brought together world-renowned brands. We thank the editors of PC World for distinguishing us with such a prestigious award,” said Johnny Ramírez, Miami sales manager, Cono North and the Caribbean of Kingston Technology.

PC World is a leading technology magazine that annually rewards the best technology products and services in Latin America. This year the competition had 112 finalists belonging to 40 companies. The panel was made up of 20 judges, from the 10 editorial teams of PC World Latin America.

Among the nominees for the “Best Digital Device” category were companies such as: SanDisk, Sony, WD, LiteOn and Samsung; in which Kingston DT HyperX 8GB memory won the prize.

The Data Traveler HyperX remains true to Kingston’s commitment to provide quality products and ultra-fast read / write speeds (30MB / sec. Of read and 20MB / sec. Of write), to offer consumers a powerful storage solution and portable

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